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Bagelarium - Tulsa, OK

Made in Tulsa, OK


Bagels made with Organic, Unbleached non-bromated flour. Naturally leavened dough utilizing a 103-year-old sourdough starter from Switzerland. Order Now!

Ingredients worthy of the bagel they rest on. Boars Head meats and cheeses and freshly cut vegetables. House-made schemers with fresh ingredients rather than flavorings, like chives in the onion schemer rather than green food coloring. All get made daily and never touch a freezer.
The Chew. A great bagel is all about the chew. Any bagel can taste ok when toasted and loaded with butter. A great bagel you can bite into like an apple and be happy. Bagelarium Bagels are that type of bagel.
Andolinis Fan Faves Some of our customers favorites.
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich
Ham, Egg & Cheese
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Classic Nova Lox
Salt Bagel
"We bought a dozen bagels for breakfast for a work team meeting. Everyone loved them. We’ll definitely be buying breakfast from here again for our next one!
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What makes it a Bagelarium Bagel?

The Bagelarium Process

A simple process that is very exact. Above all, respect for fermentation, ingredients, and the craft of bread making. Hand rolling and kettle boiling aren’t debatable steps to making a great bagel. They must occur, or you don’t have a bagel; you have circle bread.

Meet the Owners

"Our belief system is simple, be good to people, make the best thing you can make, and create as many jobs as possible."

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